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Do you want to live in this nature..????!!!!.... Do you want to jog , run or walk in this wonderful place... ????!!!!  Do you want to play soccer , basket ball, or Tennis in this great healthy nature???? !!!  that you see in those 2 pictures????    

Before you read the following advantages of Recycling....   and in order to build such a healthy green nature in our community , or city .. We should all   know first the advantages of exercising    specially what we all know     WALKING  ,,, so read about  the advantage of walking  CLICK HERE


Now you know how healthy to walk every day..

Your should know also how to be much healthier to practice your favorit type of exercise in a healthy green nature,,  by Protecting our environment .. one way is RECYCLING ..

We must increase our knowledge  more about advantages and benefits of RECYCLING by reading the follwoings:

Recycling benefits:

As much as we are aware of the advantage of recycling we still do not have the overwhelming idea of its such  huge benefits ..  and as much as we could  help and give we receive the profit and the outcome of our participation. We all must know the result of our effort would be outstanding .. So if we

Protect the environment , the environment would  sure  protects us .    WE SHOULD  START   RECYCLE NOW ..

  Here are some of positive results and advantages of Recycling :

  1. 1.  Conserve and protect valuable resources
     and protect the environment
    2.   usable products from what we used to consider garbage
    3. Make the world a better place by making it cleaner and greener.
    4. Promote a clean and healthy environment to live and to let our kids and next generation  live in.
    5.Eliminat non bio-degradable waste
    6.Reduce  and eliminate landfill space
    7.Preserve the planet and live in a clean planet.
    8.Encourage local industries .
    9. Stop presenting hazardous waste concerns

         10.  Being healthy

   11.  Recycl Glass Bottles to Save Resources &   Energy

In addition to this and  to add more   information..

In each tone of recycled waste paper the Following Saving are attained:

17 Large Trees
7,000 Gallons of Water
380 Gallons of Oil
4,100 KW of Electricity or Enough Energy To Heat or Air-condition An Average Home for 6 Months
Elimination of 69 Pounds of Air Pollution
In addition to that the income we received out of only waste materials.








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